We are excited about all the wonderful activities we have planned for April! Our theme for the month is Bugs and Butterflies. Our caterpillars have arrived, and we are watching them grow and grow and grow! Soon they will be butterflies and we plan to release them on Earth Day. We are learning lots about butterflies. Here are a few fun facts…

• Butterflies can range from 1-11 inches in size
• Butterflies do not have lungs. They breathe through spiracles, the openings in their abdomen.
• Butterflies have two antennae on their head, which they use to feel, hear and smell.
• The average life span of a butterfly is 3 days to 11 months depending on the species.

We will be learning all about bugs, exploring all the blooming flowers, gardening and spending lots of time outdoors this month. All the children are looking forward to field day as well. We will finish up the month with our first book fair of the year. Check out some of the fun we had in March for community helpers month below…

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