Last week was just so much fun here at Primary Colors. We decided to travel around the country of France. On Monday we started off our week learning a few different facts about France, like how the capitol is Paris, the colors in their flag are red, white and blue, (just like us), and that they even eat snails! On Tuesday we decided to start making our own French flags, and our older hall got to go out on the splash pad! Wednesday was “Sight Seeing in Paris”, where we learned about some famous artists who came from France, and worked on learning how to count all the way up to 10 in French. Thursday all of our students made their own Eifel Towers. Some were made out of snacks, some were made with paint, and some were even made out of string. Everyone got a chance to get creative. We finished our week off with some French cuisine, delicious croissants. By the end of the day everyone was getting their passports stamped. This week we will be backpacking through Brazil. We are so excited for everything that’s in store.

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