It is summer time here again at Primary Colors. We are traveling the world again and we have made it to three countries so far. We started of June in the country of China. We learned about the language they speak, the foods that they eat, and some every day facts about their country. We even tried some fortune cookies that were donated to us by the local Chinese restaurant, Trey Yuen. After our week in China we set off to the country of India. We learned so many things! We learned about their elephants, how to say hello and goodbye in Hindu, and the colors of their flag. One of our families is originally from India so they came dressed in traditional Indian clothes and read us a few books. We ended the week off with an Indian music dance party! This week we are in Kenya. We are learning the difference between Asian and African elephants. Tomorrow we will be going on an African safari. In between all of our visits to the different countries we are also doing our water days. We have the splash pad and a huge rainbow sprinkler. There are so many fun things going on here and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store.

Children Learning in a classroom kids playing outside Preschoolers doing art work Kids water playing